ARA ABOGADOS SLP is a legal and accountant servicies company for individuals and companies located in La Costera (Valencia), with offices in the towns of Xàtiva and Canals.

Opening from 1994 and due to the trust of our clients, ARA ABOGADOS has developed as a law firm of professional services of recognized prestige, specially in the fields of the Law and of the individuals’, companies and self employed advising.

We try to serve our clients looking for the most efficient way of making possible their needs or solving their problems. We study the circumstances of every case to show the available alternatives and looking for that the client choose his decisions with enough information.

The members of ARA ABOGADOS we achieve the tasks guided by our social commitment as attorneys and jurists and looking always for the respect to the professional ethics, the work well done in the development of our functions and the spirit of service to our clients.

Fiscal and taxation advising

  • Companies and individuals.
  • Non resident individuals.
  • Corporate taxation.
  • Incomes taxes report.
  • Accounting management.
  • Corporate bookkeeping.
  • Taxes and quarterly steps.

Corporation law

  • Legal advice to Set up a company.
  • Legal advice to become self employed.
  • Legal advice for the Steps before tax office and Social Security.
  • Incorporation of legal entities (corporations, associations, foundations), corporate identy card for national and foreign legal entities.
  • Advising to corporate’s executives (shareholders meetings, board of directors meetings and lawfulness of decisions, capital structure. Powers attorney, legal proxy).
  • Commercial and business oriented alliances, jointventures.
  • Consulting in corporations acquisition process; companies contractual relationship with suppliers.

Real state

  • Property rights.
  • Tittle transfers and registration.
  • Advising in property and municipal tax liability.
  • Legal research of properties located in Spain.
  • Possession rights and claims.
  • Security interests (mortgages, foreclosure…).
  • Buying and selling of Commercial establishments.
  • Leasing contracts (properties, houses, commercial establishments, condominiums).

Family and succession law

  • Civil marriage.
  • Divorce by mutual consent and or by judicial determination.
  • Legal judicial separation proceedings.
  • Child support petitions.
  • Spouse support petitions.
  • Parenthood recognition and contest.
  • Parenthood rights for foreign parents.
  • Last wills. Inheritance proceedings.
  • Inheritance claims and regulations.

Labour law

  • Employment contracts.
  • Internal working regulations.
  • Judicial labour proceedings.
  • Employer-employee relations.
  • Obligations and compensations.

Inmigration law